Sunday, October 17, 2010

Remember how we always celebrate your birthday the same way every year? Since you are going home before your birthday this year we will have to celebrate it a little earlier, instead of at midnight the day of. But there must still be stamps, okay?

Thursday, August 5, 2010


hey marci,
remember this?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

here it comes...

guess who's coming back to the states next weekend!?!?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

hey marci...

summer 07
remember that time we wrote "harris 65 is so flipping sexy" on the mirror in the hallway and conner kept erasing the 'y' off of sexy?

remember that time we had fhe at our apartment and i got upset about the seating arrangement of two people and so we skipped fhe and ate ice cream and eventually ended up outside, taking ridiculous pictures?

remember that time we made fun of that arrogant kid in our new student orientation group?

remember that time you had an abundance of sauces at sonic?

remember that time we were not-so-secretly twi-tards?

fall/winter 07-08
remember that time your room was always like -20 degrees and so most of the time we were in there, we were huddled under the blankets on your bed?

remember those times we'd sit in the kitchen and watch episode after episode after episode of arrested development?

remember that time we slept in the same room the last night we were in bowen 12 because we were the only two left?

remember that time one of the roommates had a mary kay lady over or something and she did your makeup, and when i got home from class, you came in my room and said something along the lines of "the mary kay lady made me a whore!"

remember the maeser man maids?

remember that time we snuck like eight guys into the apartment past curfew?

remember that time i, intelligently, said something like, "her name is krystal hunter! like, she hunts crystals!"

fall/winter 08-09
remember that time you quoted chris brown lyrics on my facebook wall and i had no idea what you were talking about?

remember that time we sat on a rug in the middle of the living room and sang a whole new world?

remember that time we drank chocolate milk out of champagne glasses and cleaned the carpets at like 1 in the morning?

remember that time we laid on the floor and laughed at pretty much everything we said?

remember that time you fingerpainted poinsettias?

remember that time we creeped on that attractive guy at the suns game?

fall/winter 09-10
remember how kate left like 2 billion otter pops in the freezer and we ended up eating them for every meal of the day?

remember that time you argued with people about whether or not dave and zach should play 'we're so far away' during their acoustic set?

remember what happened labor day weekend?

remember that time you were a mime and refused to talk to anybody at dj shawny-shawn's halloween dance party?

remember our fake crushes?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


The time has come again for Sarah and I to go our separate ways for the summer, and unfortunately this time, it is a little more permanent. We are no longer going to be roommates, but we are still going to be the BEST of FRIENDS. promise. So while Sarah goes home for spring term, only to come back the same day I leave for the Dominican Republic, we will stay in touch and maybe even keep updating this blog occasionally. But only if you are lucky. and by you i mean me and sarah as I am pretty sure we are the only two people who still read this thing. So Jolioli, congrats on finishing the semester strong, thanks for the extra help on the cleaning check, and I am glad you FINALLY made it onto a plane home. See you in 3ish months.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


dear marci,
remember that time we used to hang out with each other and incessantly take pictures of ourselves?

those were the days, eh?

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Hey everyone! I have the amazing opportunity of competing in a video competition in Poland, but I need some help! Just go to the site below, watch at least 2 minutes of the film I produced with my friend Jonny, and then like/vote for the video! Then pass it on to all your friends! The more votes we get the better chance we have of going to Poland! Thanks everyone!

Global Relationships start with the Family